ACT StreetLite Flywheel - 2008+ Subaru STI

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Introducing the ACT Streetlite Flywheel for the 2008-2014 Subaru STI and 2015-2018 Subaru STI. ACT StreetLite Flywheels have been designed and engineered to be lighter, stronger, and provide more performance compared to the stock cast flywheels. These have been crafted from chomoly steel, and CNC machined, as well as dynamically computer balanced for super smooth high RPM reliability.

The ACT StreetLite flywheel weighs in at 15.0 lbs, which will reduce rotational mass at the crankshaft. This results in less strain on the motor, which means faster throttle response and better overall performance.  Recommended for street use. 

Weight: 15.0lbs