AEM Infinity-6 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System - Draven Performance
AEM Infinity-6 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System - Draven Performance
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AEM Infinity-6 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System

$1,420.95 USD
$1,420.95 USD

The AEM Infinity 6 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System has been designed to allow the driver or tuner to tune and adjust all parameters of engine function. The Infinity allows for high-end motorsports capabilities that are powerful enough to be employed on professional race rigs without the professional racing pricetag. The AEM Infinity's airflow-based tuning models have also been built to have simple installation with a faster-tuning process by eliminating many of the setup requirements found in previous generation ECUs. 

One of the main features is the 200MHZ Processor and Real Time Operating System. The Infinity ECU employs the latest generation 32 bit floating point 200MHZ automotive processor and Real Time Operating System which is capable of processing 400 millions of instructions per second. By comparison, common competitive systems  will typically use 20MHZ to 50MHZ processors, Currently, the Infinity ECU has the fastest processing speed of any aftermarket Motorsports ECU that is available.

The 200MHZ processor and RTOS allows the Infinity to be more responsive and have more accurate ignition timing, which allows the engine to create more power. The faster processor also allows more computational functions with no sacrifice in processing performance. The Infinity's RTOS ensures strategic processing with optimized load balancing. Meaning that tuning one feature will not affect the performance of other running features. 

The AEM Infinity uses supported applications which refers to an engine family or cam/crank pattern for which the Infinity ECU has been tested and validated to run. But please note that ancillary vehicle systems such as instrument clusters, automatic transmissions, as well as certain drive by wire throttles. 

The setup wizard that comes with the Infinity Tuner User Interface software simplifies initial tuning configuration to help ensure successful initial startup for supported applications. These applications are available for select vehicle. Plug and play harnesses will connect directly into the vehicles factory ECU harness, and requires no additional wiring. 


Brand: AEM
Base Map Included: Yes
Cam Advance Control: Yes
Data logging: Yes
Fuel Control: Yes
Ignition Control: Yes
Knock Activity readout: Yes
Knock Correction: Yes
Laptop Tunable: Yes
MAF Scaling: Yes
Model Specific: No
Plug and Play: Yes
Pre-Programmed Maps: Included
Sensors: Uses OEM
Stage Maps Included: No
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