AMS Performance Turbo Tuner Kit with Test Pipe - 2008-2014 Subaru WRX STI

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If you already own a Precision V-band turbocharger and would like to revise or build your own turbo system, AMS offers the Subaru STI/WRX Turbo Tuner Kit. This kit provides you the key components essential to improving the performance of your Precision V-band turbo. Included is our cast stainless up-pipe and 3in stainless downpipe. Also included is the stainless steel atmospheric dump tube and all the necessary hardware to provide a painless installation. The AMS Tuner Kit was designed to provide the very best in performance for your Subaru. Our computer-aided casting designs produce an extremely strong and reliable piece that will outlast any hand-fabricated up-pipe. Smooth transitions, optimal pipe diameter, and thick 5/8 flange make this up-pipe the perfect choice to complement your Precision turbo.


  • Improves turbo performance
  • Stainless steel pipes
  • Smooth transitions
  • 5/8 flange