AMS Performance Upgraded Front Mount Intercooler with Blow Through MAF and Logo - 2008-2014 Subaru WRX | STI

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The AMS Subaru 08+ STI/WRX Front Mount Intercooler with Blow Through MAF is the best performing direct bolt on you can buy. This durable, race analyzed intercooler core is proven efficient to 800 hp and is 160% larger than its stock counterpart. Let the competition know that you means business with a genuine AMS Intercooler but be warned the intimidating AMS logo may scare them off! In many applications, the standard placement of the MAF sensor on the intake pipe is less than optimal or simply incompatible with the horsepower levels provided by upgraded turbochargers. This is caused by the MAF sensor's calculation of airflow volume as well as intake air temperature. The blow through positioning of the MAF sensor on the intercooler piping allows the MAF sensor to be properly scaled to a higher horsepower limit than the standard intake provides. You can expect a 90+ wheel horsepower increase in tunable MAF scale over the OEM intake pipe and a 30+ wheel horsepower increase over an aftermarket 3" intake with MAF. Another benefit of a blow through system is the ability to use a 4" intake pipe over the conventional 3" piping. This equates to more flow and ultimately more horsepower. In addition, the AMS blow through intercooler piping allows for an atmospheric blow off valve to be used without any negative side effects. Due to the blow off valve's placement before the MAF sensor, no metered air is lost and therefore no over fueling is present in this system. The AMS Intercooler features cast aluminum end tanks for added durability with smooth features and geometry. Designed by our engineering team using Solidworks (3D CAD software) these A356 T6 Alloy Aluminum end tanks have improved flow over their sheet metal counterparts. We go beyond our competition to ensure quality. Each AMS Intercooler is hand TIG welded in a jig for a perfect fit and pressure tested to 50 psi to ensure maximum performance. We tested many intercooler cores to find the best performing core available. The highly efficient 3.5" thick AMS intercooler core is the same as those found on many of our record setting race and street vehicles. Our kit comes complete with intercooling piping, silicone and hose clamps from the throttle body to compressor outlet to ensure a precise fit. The 6061 mandrel bent aluminum intercooler piping is 2.5" for the "hot pipe" (turbo to intercooler) while the "cold pipe" (intercooler to throttle body) is enlarged to 3" to support a Blow Through MAF flange and also comes flanged for a TiAL BOV. The 3" cold pipe also allows for a larger volume of air to be transported to your engine, creating more horsepower than a standard 2.5" pipe. This kit is designed to work with the AMS rotated mount turbo kit, but is also easily adapted to any other rotated kit on the market. As with all front mount intercoolers trimming of the bumper ducting and removal of the factory crash bar is required. An AMS replacement crash bar is optional.


  • 160% Larger than stock
  • Durable mounting
  • Bar and plate style core
  • Mounting plate
  • Pressure tested
  • Flanged for Tial BOV
  • MAF scaling up to 530+ HP
  • Atmospheric BOV with no drivability issues
  • 4" intake pipe for maximum horsepower
  • Weighs 23lbs


  • Intercooler
  • 4-Ply silicone couplers
  • 2.5" 6061 aluminum piping
  • Hose clamps


  • Subaru WRX | STI 2008-2014


  • The factory crash bar must be removed to install this core
  • Trimming of the factory bumper ducting is required
  • This kit is designed to work with the AMS Rotated Mount Turbo Kit but is also easily adapted to any other rotated kit on the market
  • This kit requires AMS Small Battery Kit or factory battery relocated to trunk.
  • Please be advised that this intercooler kit is not designed for use with the plastic intake manifold and throttle body of the 2008+ WRX. For proper fitment, replacement of the intake manifold and throttle body with the metal version from the 07+ STI or Pre-08 WRX is necessary.