DBA 4000 Series Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotor Pair - 2013+ Subaru BRZ | FRS - Draven Performance
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DBA 4000 Series Drilled/Slotted Rear Rotor Pair - 2013+ Subaru BRZ | FRS

$504.00 USD
$504.00 USD

The DBA 4000 design has several features. One of which is their T3 Slot 48 precision CNC machined slots. These Tri-Symmetrical curve slots dampens the harmonics which creates a quitter rotor with smoother brake pedal feel.

The 4000 series rotors also feature the DBA Kangaroo Paw, with 144 diamond and tear drop pillar ventilation system. This creates more surface area which will allow for greater dissipation. This will minimize brake fade, and increases braking effectiveness.

Crafted from XG150 High Carbon Alloyed Iron, increases thermal capacity, and allows the rotor to handle constant extremes of heat over extended periods of time. This will minimize the threat of warping, as well as cracking. 
Heat paint markings on the rotor represent DBA’s Thermographic Temperature Monitoring. The colors on the rotor will change providing the user specific information on the heating thresholds to help scope in what kind of pad to employ.
Lastly the non-friction areas of the rotor have paint protection which will reduce corrosion and prohibits unwanted rust. All of this combined features and technology makes for the ultimate street rotor that can handle both daily driving duties, as well as the occasional weekend track event.

Please Note: Replacements for vented rear rotors. Please verify that your stock rotors are vented and not solid before placing your order.


Brand: DBA
For Use With Stock Calipers: Yes
Location: Rear
QTY: Sold Individually
Rotor Construction: 2-Piece
Rotor Style: Drilled / Slotted
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