DBA 5000 Series Drilled/Slotted Rotor Single Front | 2008-2017 Subaru WRX STI - Draven Performance
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DBA 5000 Series Drilled/Slotted Rotor Single Front | 2008-2017 Subaru WRX STI

$439.87 USD
$439.87 USD

With a two piece design and an AlumaliteTM center hat, DBA's 5000 series rotor is one of best direct factory replacement rotors on the market. Featuring a 2 piece design that helps reduce rotational mass while also keeping heat out of the hubs makes this rotor a great upgrade in every way.

The heat that the rotor prevents from entering into the hub will help prolong the life of the wheel bearings which quickly can wear out do to excessive heat which is produced by the brake system. Another great benefit is that the rotor is able to loose heat much faster allowing it to stay cooler, and allow the brakes to be used harder.

Featuring the Thermo-Graphic paint markings on the rotor allows for effective heat monitoring. When the painted lines change color you can see the temperature that the rotors have reached allowing you to accurately match the proper brake pad compound. The outer drilled rotors have a unique slot and drill design which allows for the gasses to escape that are trapped between the pad and the rotor, which ensures consistent contact.

When the rotor wears out, you can purchase the outer ring separate. This helps reduce the operation cost over the life of the car.

The 5000 Series rotor is a amazing upgrade for someone who demands the absolute maximum performance out of their brake system for anything from basic street driving, to a full on track monster!


For Use With Stock Calipers: Yes
Location: Front
Rotor Construction: 2-Piece
Rotor Style: Drilled / Slotted
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