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Innovate Motorsports ECB-1 Boost and Ethanol Advanced Complete Gauge Kit

$312.99 USD
$312.99 USD

The Ethanol Advanced gauges combine our patented DirectDigital O2 sensor control technology with application specific sensors, an OLED display, and a sophisticated ethanol content sensor that also measures fuel temperature. These capabilities allow the user to monitor and capture critical metrics for accurate and reliable tuning while operating with high ethanol content fuel. The Ethanol Advanced gauges offer the looks, safety and performance enthusiasts demand!

•    Ethanol Content Percentage: The supply of E-85 has been a blessing for those running larger boost levels and making more horsepower. You don’t have to spend copious amounts on race gas. However there is no safety net when it comes to ethanol content per gas station, as each facility does not provide consistent blends and this could be attributed to seasonal blends, or fuel providers. If you run the same boost levels on E-85 with low ethanol content, something is bound to break. Now, you don’t have to rely on time consuming chemistry tests, or word from the gas station occupant that you have good fuel.  Now the gauge can let you know what the ethanol percentage is, so you can be able to boost where you’re levels are normally at. 

•    Wideband Air Fuel Gauge: The job of the Wideband Air Fuel Gauge indicates how lean or rich your car is running. This is one of the more important tools used by tuners to scope in how much fuel is needed at peak boost, but also it will tell you how rich or lean your target Air/Fuel ratios are during boost.  This also lets the tuner know when to make adjustments if the boost levels are increased, if additional modifications are installed, and if there are changes in fuel type.

•    Fuel Temperature:  The fuel temperature can be an important attribute to keep an eye on. Especially if you’re experiencing extreme climate conditions. Hot fuel can be more prone to detonation, and cooler fuel temperatures are overall beneficial to your vehicle. Once fuel reaches a certain temperature, then the chemistry of the fuel can change such as the viscosity, as well as lowered octane values.

•    Boost Pressure:  Simply monitor your boost levels and make sure you’re staying in the safe zone while in wide open throttle.  User configuration can be performed and a warning indicator LED will alarm when set boost levels are exceeded. 

Additional features include Boost Vision, which is a real time calculated approximation of your ECU’s boost limit based on the current ethanol percentage. This gauge also has a peak/hold function with warning, and there are 3 configurable analog outputs when used with a standalone, or other programmable ECU’s. The pressure readings can be adjusted for the altitude difference, and the O2 sensor can accommodate most fuel types.

The numerous gauge ranges are as listed:

AFR: 7.35 – 22.39
Boost/Vacuum: -29inHG – 43.5 psi
Ethanol Content: 0 – 100%
Fuel Temp: 40 – 257 F

Included with this gauge kit is an Ethanol Sensor, 4 bar MAP sensor, a Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor, all the wiring, data log cable, an additional silver bezel with a  white face in case you want to change the look, and instructions to assist with installation. 

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