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Innovate Motorsports LM-2 Wideband Basic Kit Single Channel

$247.99 USD
$247.99 USD

The new LM-2 "Basic" Kit (Single Wideband O2) ONLY includes the LM-2 meter, Bosch wideband oxygen sensor, 8 ft sensor cable, cigarette-lighter power adapter, USB cable for PC connection, weld-in bung and plug, LogWorks software CD, and quick-start guide. 

*Note: The LM-2 "Basic" Kit out of the box only includes accessories to display your Air/Fuel Ratio either on the meter and/or on your PC. To log RPM, or to Output the wideband signal to an external device you'll need the LM-2 Analog IN/OUT Cable (P/N: 3811). For OBD-II features you'll need the LM-2 OBD-II Cable (P/N: 3809). To record internally to your LM-2 you'll need the SD Card (P/N: 3787). This unit also comes in a cardboard box, the black hard case is an optional accessory LM-2 Carrying Case (P/N: 3836).


Gauge Face Color: Black
Gauge Range: 7.35:1 - 22.39:1
Gauge Sending Unit: Electrical
Gauge Size: Handheld
Gauge Type: Air Fuel
Requires Control Unit: No
Sensor Thread Pitch: Standard O2
Wideband Sensor Type: Innovate
Case Included: No
Memory Card: No
OBDII Adapter: No
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