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Innovate Motorsports MTX Digital Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge

$189.99 USD
$189.99 USD

The Innovative Motorsports MTX Digital Oil Pressure and Temperature Gauge is a two in one gauge that monitors some of the most important parameters of our engine. If your oil temperature is too high, then you risk creating some damage. If your oil pressure is too low, you might have already created some damage and need to shut the motor down to prevent any further internal injuries. 

This gauge can either display in BAR or PSI, and you can program your low oil pressure warning. On the temperature, side users can have the ability to change the LEDs as a fill bar or a single indicating LED, as well as change colors, and display temperatures in Celcius or Fahrenheit. You can also program your outer LED for temperature warning.

Included with the gauge will be a black face plate and a silver faceplate depending on your preference. A cable, as well as an electronic pressure sensor, as well as the required hardware and instructions, will also be included to make this gauge ready for installation.


Gauge Backlight Color: 3 Color Adjustable
Gauge Face Color: Black/White
Gauge Needle Color: Digital
Gauge Range: 120 - 280 F/ 10 Bar
Gauge Sending Unit: Electrical
Gauge Size: 52mm
Gauge Type: Oil Pressure/Temperature
Requires Control Unit: No
Sensor Thread Pitch: 1/8NPT
Units: Imperial
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