K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake Kit Wrinkle Red - Mitsubishi Evolution X - Draven Performance
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K&N 69 Series Typhoon Intake Kit Wrinkle Red - Mitsubishi Evolution X

$423.99 USD
$423.99 USD

All engines run on the basis of an air to fuel ratio. To gain power, most mods are designed to increase one or the other. The K&N Typhoon Cold Air Intake is no different. First, the restrictive intake from your stock EVO X is removed and replaced with a much larger cone style filter that is designed to bring in the most air possible. To increase performance even more, the typhoon system moves the intake outside of the engine bay allowing it to gather much more dense cold air. This dense cold air is capable of more power than a typical ram air design.

Since modern cars use a mass air flow sensor to measure volume of air, the ECU can adjust on the fly increasing fuel to the cylinders. The combination of more air and more fuel nets a massive +21 horsepower boost over stock.  K&N is a reputable name and industry leader in intakes. Almost every aftermarket cold air intake system utilizes a K&N filter or filter based on the K&N design. The experience gained from previous products are applied to each new system making them the best performing and easiest to install. 
  • Designed for increased performance for your sport compacts, utilizing the finest quality components
  • Guaranteed to Provide more horsepower and increased acceleration
  • Available in high-quality finishes
  • Includes K&N High-Flow, Washable/Reusable Air Filter
  • Easy to Install
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