Manley 08+ Mitsubishi Evo X (4B11T) 86mm STD Bore 9.0:1 Dish Piston Set with Rings

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Made one too many passes at the drag strip? Or is your engine starting to get a little tired? Not a problem.Manley has provided the gear heads with their Platinum Series Piston Set. These slugs are forged, and feature an anti-friction coating. These are perfect for those of you looking to make some serious power.

These particular pistons come in the 86mm sizing, and have an 9.0:1 compression ratio. For your convenience they also come supplied with rings, clips, as well as wrist pins. Give your vehicle some extra muscle with a set of Manley Performance Series Pistons.


Brand: Manley Performance
Anti-Friction Coating: Yes
Bore Size: 86mm
Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
Head Alteration Required: No
Machining Required: No
Material: Forged
Piston Rings Included: Yes
QTY: 4
Wrist Pin Clips: Yes
Wrist Pins Included: Yes