Tein Mono Sport Coilovers - Mitsubishi Evolution X - Draven Performance
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Tein Mono Sport Coilovers - Mitsubishi Evolution X

$1,700.50 USD
$1,700.50 USD

Mono Sport offers not only the precise steering we crave, but also the flexible movement for the street. Mono Sport is set up to let the driver enjoy runs on the track and winding roads without compromising everyday driving on streets with the damping force adjusted.

• Full-length ride height adjustment feature
• Lightweight with new upright tube designed for strength
• Mono-tube design
• 16-level damping force adjustment
• Adjustable (front) upper mounts included
• Adjustable dampers to improve ride regardless of spring height
• Upper mounts included for easy installation
• Highly durable & reliable
• Compatible with EDFC series to enable in-car damping force adjustment
• Thorough rust proofing
• Highly rigid bracket & shell case
• Smooth ride height adjustment & one-of-a-kind adjusting wrench
• No-sag springs
• High-spec damper oil
• Available for overhaul & revalving
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